The Sri Ram School, Moulasari Avenue – 9Tanki

This was the first time that we were trying the one hour format. 3 workshops in one day. A new co trainer. The day was poised to be a challenge.

Fortunately, we learn the best from our challenges. Suparnaa and Sara were a strong moral support, as ever. Suparnaa can handle a crowd so easily!

Our new co trainer today was Raju Koli. He is a final year student at Kirori Mal collge, Delhi University. he is a wonderful orator, national level long jump athlete, topped his school (regular school, not blind school) in Class 12, and is a very dynamic personality. This was Raju’s first paycheck ever. And Boy, was he proud!!

You can see the pictures HERE.
One thing i have to admit – working with children is a lot more refreshing- personally speaking, of course. But what stood out about the students of this school was how well rounded they were. No one came up with “i like reading” as a standard hobby. The hobbies ranged from cooking to jazz, and basketball to sleeping! These were interesting children, and being with them was sheer pleasure!

In the first batch, the students did two acts, but we completely ran out of time. Second and third workshops, we did only one act. But the children were so involved that we still ran out of time! 🙂

And we learnt a lot of things. The biggest thing i learnt was when the Principal, Komal mam, said to her children “To you, this is funny. Because you can open your eyes and life will be normal again. Think about the children who do not have that option. To them, its not funny.” It hit me really hard in the center of the heart.. i’d never thought of it that way..

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    Way to go!

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