Feedback from The Sri Ram School 9Tanki

The workshop yesterday was interesting because we have not had such a workshop before. It helped us realise the difficulty faced by the blind in an interesting manner. . I enjoyed it very much.
– Samira Bose, 12H, TSRS

The theatre workshop conducted by some of the members of the organisation, Esha, was a very interesting one. Made me realise how difficult a blind person’s life can be.
– Vanshika Choudhary, 12C, TSRS

The Workshop we attended was very interesting. The story and acting we did was unlike anything we have done before. I think most of us did not expect it to be so hard. We all take what we have been given for granted and do not realise how important each body part is. I relied greatly on my teammates for support and guidance. It was a great learning experience for all of us and i am thankful that we got the opportunity to be a part of this.
– Tanvi Midha, 12C, TSRS

The theatre workshop was a great experience. We take our senses for granted and do not realise their importance.
It made me realise how difficult it would be for the people who are visually impaired in reality.
– Meher Sippy, 12 C, TSRS

It was fun and inspiring but it was pretty hard. It showed us how we should not take anything in our lives for granted. Not being able to see showed us to respect people with disabilities and be sensitive towards them.
– Aman Rastogi, 12 C , TSRS

I was very excited at the idea of a theatre workshop. I was initially a bit apprehensive at the idea It really helped me empathise with a blind person, and the hardships s/he endures.
It would have been preferable if we learned a bit about the how the blind people cope with day to day activities.
– Ritwik Sarkar, 12 H, TSRS

I found the workshop extremely informative and a revealing experience – one that made us aware on a sensory basis of what a blind person may experience throughout his/her life. It was a novel idea – one that i have never had the good fortune to experience before. What is especially liked was that it was a hands on experience rather than just a talk on what a blind person experiences, one that is very engaging.
– Shreya Nair, 12 H, TSRS

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