Staged Encounters at SAP Labs

This Wednesday – Sep 21, saw us do the first ever Theater Workshop with an international audience. Out of 10 participants, only 3 were Indians. And was it FUN!!

The comic timing was impeccable.. one of the teams had a play which had a husband and wife in the story line. At one point, the wife turns around and tells the “husband” – “next time you tell me to do this, i will divorce you!”

In another segment, the protagonist is asking a child to help him. He tells the child, “Cmon, please help me. I have helped your mother a lot.” The child replies, “Then ask my mother for the help. Not me!”

Even though most of them had never been a part of any theater workshop, the performances were superb!! For a major part of the workshop, we were howling with laughter! This once, i really wish we had a video of the whole thing!

Do see the pictures here.

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