Umesh Pandey and the morons of Gurgaon – Brilliant post by Mark Parkinson

One day, very recently, a young man died. He died because some idiot from Gurgaon blew him up – for 21 rupees. No, for daring to ask for moneys that they should have paid.

Surprisingly, we do not know the name of the perpetrator. As we write, that man is sitting somewhere, the whole thing forgotten, his mother feeding him the de rigeur paranthas, and thanking stars that the “media vaale” did not get too interested. Surprisingly, the media vaale did not even bother to find out more abt the young boy – his family, was he the only one in the city, anything at all!

The victim was not Jessica Lal. So there will be no high power enquiry.

Just like 82 of the 97 accused of burning alive a Dalit and his daughter – 82 of the mob was ACQUITTED after burning 2 human beings alive.

This whole anguish is inspired by this rather brilliant post. Do Read.

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One Response to Umesh Pandey and the morons of Gurgaon – Brilliant post by Mark Parkinson

  1. anjina says:

    I think this is too inhumane —People have lost the humanity —-but we common man is the strength —tOdays Anna — lets stand up and fight for him .let the accused be behind bars —let media shall know tht it is not celebrities —nor high profile —but a common man —a common man who needs justice —I think we all should stand up and raise the issue —-Today it is umesh pandey Omorrow it might be sarkar pandey and than –I PANDEY —U PANDEY—AND WE PANDEY

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