17 year old boy awarded for innovation for the blind, Science papers for the blind, and more news..

Last month, 2 people called me on the same day to talk about a wonderful thing associated with the blind, and this morning, i read another piece of news that gladdens the heart.

Other things have been happening – like the CLABIL catalog is growing.. its a lot of work.. cataloging is… recording is easy, cataloging is not 🙂 Sachu, our volunteer, has been absolutely relentless and has worked very hard to update the catalog single handedly.

First, the News: a 17 year old boy has finally created a sensor based stick for the blind. Its a classic case of a simple innovation that makes a BIG difference. I often wonder how it is that technology and the digital era has so completely eluded 15 million of us, and the rest of us dont seem to even know about it.

And then, the news this morning: <CBSE to create papers in Science and Maths for the visually challenged. Whatever else i may or may not like abt the current education minister, this i love for sure!

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