Read Fest at SOIL, Gurgaon

The ROOTS Team of SOIL, 2011

This post should have been written yesterday, right after the Read Fest, but yours truly was too tired last night and could not complete.
Good thing, because this afternoon, SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership) wanted to have ANOTHER Read Fest – this very evening!!

But first things first – lets start with yesterday..
Yesterday, the event was scheduled from 1700 – 1830 hours, in 4 rooms.
Before 1730 hours, we were using 7 rooms, and the event went on till.. 2000 hours!
The students recorded 75 files in 3 hours flat (we started by 1730).. if that is not productive, am not sure what is!

BUT.. the highlight is, that yesterday, we added the first Oriya files to the catalog!!

Arti Bhola and her mother – both of whom came ALL THE WAY FROM DELHI to be a part of this event! Arti is a science writer and has promised to record science content for our children.. and aunty recorded the much needed Hindi content.. 🙂

Today, mid afternoon, i got a call, wondering if they could have a SECOND REad fest Event this evening – because there are more volunteers. Of course.. ! This was a first… 2 Read Fests, one after the other.. on 2 consecutive days..

A VERY SPECIAL Thanks goes out to the entire ROOTS and SOIL Team:

Kanupriya: For taking this initiative up.. and for the second Read Fest, today!
Ipshita: For driving the social initiative at SOIL, and for being the wonderful support that she has been – throughout!!

Abhishek: THE DRIVER, CO-ORDINATOR,MOTIVATOR.. and above all,the most flexible, supportive student volunteer i have met. I am truly in awe of how this young person helps – quietly, down to earth, without so much as a mention of all the great stuff he is responsible for!

Suchitra: Efficient, Energetic, VERY effective. And of course, very sweet!

Sahiba and Ankita: For being on their feet through and through..

Anuj, Ram, Patankar(Pramod) and all the other volunteers who were on their feet THE WHOLE TIME! I very nearly collapsed, but not this energetic bunch!

Thank you, people! Your bright smiles are your attitude are appreciated much more than you know.

You can see the entire set of pictures here – on facebook.!/media/set/?set=a.245418682175707.85686.100001227328495&type=1

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  1. shitalpagare says:

    Its very great and helpful blog. SOIL is a business school that provides holistic education.

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