Feedback from the SAP Labs Theater Workshop – Sep 21, 2011

This post is VERY belated.. but reading through the feedback after so many days made one smile all over again.. it was our first international group ever, and the workshop was hilarious as usual.. 🙂

Feedback from SAP Labs – Staged Enounters, Sep 21, 2011

Ashwini TG:
It was fun and entertaining with serious messaging.
Thoughts/ Realisation:
How important are my eyes.
Kind of support needed from others.
Could not even manage my basic things without having my eyes open.

Extremely well
Involvement Throughout the activity is very active.

Bongkoj Promdej (Keng):
I did not expect much from the workshop. In the end, i did learn creative way of a kind of team building technique. Lots of planning and laughing. It was a good workshop.We should get a bit of workshop outline beforehand – instructor was great!

Maria Ditti:
It was a great experience to make up a story and setting so quickly with people i dont know very well.
I refused to give my eyes for a day and after the role play, I’m even more sure that this was the right decision.
I noticed how challenging it would be to take care of a blind person.

Kalvin Jin:

Nothing predictable with a team one is not familiar with, and that brings surprises all the time.
Enjoyed the fun of surprise.

Ruslan Solovyev:
1. It was fun.
2. I realised how i m dependant on my eyes.
3. I see howimportant support of other people around me is.
4. Very interesting workshop.

Yu Zhang:
I like this workshop very much! Thank you!
Basically, its about losing and gaining. When i was enlightened again, i realised i need to cherish everything. I already have now, love, family, and “eyes”. It is a great workshop and a meaningful lesson. I like it!

Eran Mosseri:
The workshop was excellent. It allowed me to experience how important are my eyes, how can i still function without my eyes – based on my good instinct. The importance of other people – friends, family, to be a part of the process – teamwork ,.
See my weaknesses, going beyond my safe zone, daring to try and fail, count on instincts, and do not borrow money! Use only what you have! 🙂

I will say, i am truly, truly blessed, as i have vision. I am very thankful to God that he made me perfectly happy, healthy. Although i did not enact like blind, but seeing others, i understood how helpless and dependent one can feel, due to a disability. One is deprived of so many basic things, due to a physical handicap.
But at the same time, it gave me lot of hope and faith and courage. Because i see that there are so many physically challenged people who put up a brave front, and see life “Eye to Eye”.
The workshop gives me a lot of hope for the human race. I am glad to know that there are people who care for others, without selfish motives, and personally, i had a tough time, arranging the workshop, but i would not mind doing it again.

Nick Huang:
When doing stage performance, practice and previous discussion is important, but if there are other brilliant people performing with you, and you trust them, the outcome could be even better. Teamwork is a great thing. This workshop is fun. If the groups are more serious and we go into more acts, it may not be as interesting as this.

Ketan Koushik:
The workshop was fun! It gave me an insight into a sudden/ temporary disability and how it can change so many things around. You need to improvise and take things as and when they come up. It is difficult at the beginning but it becomes easier with time.
Also, gave me an idea of how someone could help in a real difficult need. Also, practice made it easier(dry run).

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