Feedback on the SOIL Read Fest – 06 and 07 October, 2011

Read Fest Feedback from SOIL Students – 06 and 07 October, 2011

Patankar Pramod:

Truly said “ A small drop of water can kindle fir..” A drop of hope and fire in the belly to do something for society.
During recording session, i felt that my voice is going to become eye and imagination of somebody. Felt the great work Esha is doing. We , students of SOIL, are inspired to work for this cause today and tomorrow.

Earlier i was not aware about the cause of Read Fest, but when i came to know i participated enthusiastically and enjoyed recording. I read one extra page in josh. 🙂

Ram Sundaresa Kumar, MLP Student at SOIL:
The experience of hosting such a simple, yet meaningful and thoughtful event was mindblowing. When we first sent out a mail to the students of our batch, the response was overwhelming. To see the same energy carried forward today, keeping in mind the beneficiaries of this event was indeed an enthralling sight.

My ultimate happiness arose when idid the recording myself for these wonderful beneficiaries. For such a marvelous thought and execution with advanced technology of the present age, my heartiest wishes goes to Esha and I would indeed love to associate myself in the future also.

Manu Malhotra:
WOW! I am elated! I am proud of my Roots team – Ram, Suchitra, Anuj, Ankita, Abhishek, Patankar, Sreya, Sahiba and Jai – YOU ROCK! We should keep up the good work!

Name not given:
Reading a children’s story book after years was fun and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ankita Kulshrestha – HRLP, SOIL:
It was an extraordinary experience for me. To my surprise, approximately 40 odd people happened to participate voluntarily. It gives me immense pleasure and of course, rather fills me wiht pride, that my voice can help them to explore new horizons in life. I have always been keen to lend my services towards the underprivileged, since my childhood, but could not find any opportunity.
I hereby feel obliged and full of joy and express my gratitude towards SOIL and Esha for such a life changing opportunity.

R C Suchitra :
One of the finest experiences of my life. Thanks to Abhishek Saxena and Nidhi for making such an event happen. I have never imagined myself to be an organiser or such an event. Since my childhood, i always had the zeal to do something for the society. I have strived hard to get myself engaged in activities rendering to the social cause. This even is one of my favorites, which will remain evergreen in my memories for years to come. Though in the beginning i had lot of apprehensions as to how this event would turn out, on seeing the overwhelming response, my fears vanished. Everyone who volunteered for this event had a very deep sense of social commitment which they wished to express through their voices. But honestly, to say from the bottom of my heart, it is not so easy to organise such events. My legs started aching after 2 hours of running around. Finally when i saw the outcome and the overwhelming response, I felt very elated and got eternal satisfaction which cannot be explained in words. Thanks to Esha for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. I wish to participate as well as organise many more such events in the future.

Anuj Thakur, BLP, SOIL:
Read a Fest is an experience that i will cherish throughout my life and i will definitely be a part of Esha for such fests.
Day started with discussions on how to make it a big hit and yes we were a bit nervous since we all had no idea whats in store. But like everyone of us who recorded something felt proud of ourselves, Esha and SOIL to do something at the fest. Thank you! Best of luck and God Bless you Esha!

Read a Fest was an awesome experience. We had such great experience and tremendous response from everyone. Nidhi has provided us with lot of support and guidance to make this event successful. Thanks to all volunteers who came for recording and managing the event. Thanks Esha for giving us this excellent opportunity.

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