Feedback from SAP 9Tanki – Oct 17, 2011

The Esha Theater Workshop has 2 formats – the children format is called 9Tanki and the office format is called Staged Encounters. We have retained the essential elements of experiential learning, and the rules are the same, just the story differs a little bit.
However, in this case, we decided to use the 9Tanki format for grown ups too.. and the results were HILARIOUS!

I am seriously wondering, now, whether we need 2 separate formats.. ur ideas?

Also, reproduced below, the feedback from the 9Tanki held on October 17, 2011 at SAP Gurgaon:-)

Radhika Sharma
This theater workshop gives us an opportunity to understand the concerns of a disabled person and helped us to understand to give something to society. Because everyting cannot be purchased.

This theater workshop brings new realisation towards the life of physically challenged people.
Enacting 10 minutes like them was getting difficult for us and we want it to finish soon. It is really difficult to imagine and live whole life with such disability.
Such workshops really enlighten people about conditions and situations in which these people live and on top of that overcoming their challenges and achieving all that which we, normal people, can’t.
One example is in front of us n form of Raju who is here to conduct this workshop.
Thanks Raju and thanks All.

Pranav Tewari
Today I saw a different way of life.
Eyes play 90% part of our perception of the universe. A day without eyes is like a dark, long night.
It was my honor to be part of this workshop and an act of self realisation.
Would like to be a part of the group more often.
A day without eyes is a day quite LONG.. and shallow.
Thank you!

Vipin Saroha
This is the first time I am part of this workshop. It was a great experience. Feeling the problems of people who are blind and for the people who are around them its a great thing for them. Even though with these disabilities these people are able to achieve whatever they want in their life is really amazing. I think we should do whatever we can do to help them realise their dreams.

Vatsala Kakroo
I have never been a part of this kind of an initiative/ workshop. For me, it has been a realisation of sorts to see, and feel, even if for just 10 minutes, what it means to lead a life with a disablility.
We can crib about all that we dont have but we fail to realise and appreciate what we have!

We are no doubt God’s blessed children but we need to realise that the ones wiht any sort of disability are surely God’s chosen ones.

We should count our blessings of course but at the same time gel and be a part of all the people, this society, with or without a disability.

A fantastic workshop and surely should be done more frequently.

Amit Hasija
It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Theater Workshop. IT does go a long way in sensitising a person towards people with disability. All of us need to realise that it becomes immensely difficult to enact a few minutes of a scenario with closed eyes. So it also makes us realise that we are gifted to hav a normal sight.
This workshop will go a long way for me to continue to work towards the cause of helping the blind.

Ashish Wahi

This was really an enlightening experience to enact and feel what difficulties the blind go through.
Even these 10 minutes were so difficult to pass and enact.
I do resolve to donate my eyes today.

Siddhartha Kalhansa
It was a fun exercise which even helped us realise how physical disability can hinder us even in the smallest task.
I would definitely like to attend the full workshop with all 3 disabilities covered.
Thanks to Raju, Suparnaa and Nidhi

Parul Upadhyaya
This was a very grounding experience. I have never done anything like this before and it made me realise how small and insignificant my day to day cribs and issues actually are!
Hats off to Raju and people who suffer similarly. They are the real heroes!

Gitu Bijlani
It was a great experience to get to learn about how difficult it is for the people who are blind to do their daily activities. How challenging it is for them to just go from one place to another.
I would definitely like to be part of any other workshop conducted by you on any other disability.

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