Feedback from the 9Tanki workshop at IIT D – DMS

The previous post was the trainer- Suparnaa Chadda’s view of the 9Tanki. This post is about what the students said after the workshop.

The original feedback sheets had us overwhlemed. These are some selected excerpts:

Visually challenged persons should be treated same with us as they are also like us. For they inspire us to take the spirit of living, I appreciate their sense of life and talent to go on throughout.
– Manas Prasad Dhanwar

I salute all those who have the courage and power to see the world without eyes.
I definitely plan to pledge my eyes after the learning I got today.
– Rohan Gupta

I will treat the blind with more respect from now on and not just with sympathy.
– Rakesh G

Today’s class is a one time life experience.
– Bijay Karunamay

We have light but they are the ones who bring light into their life by themselves . Hats off to all the stalwarts. Truly eye opener.
– Abhishek G

It was a great learning experience that made us realise how difficult it is for blind people to carry out daily routine work. It requires lots of talent and experience to survive in regular changing world without our eyes. It made me realise that our eyes are simply the best gift that God has given us and I would wish that we should ensure that our eyes enlighten other people’s lives after us through eye donation.
– Anil Kumar

It is really very difficult to pen down the exact feeling. Its something which only can be experienced.
– Amit Jaura

And finally, the teacher’s feedback:

Amazing experience and an eye opener.
– Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, who was responsible for making this workshop happen for the students.

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