Staged Encounters at SAP, October 17, 2011

This was going to be Raju and Suparnaa’s show. 🙂 And it was!

Raju impressed me particuarly, with his ability to connect with his audience. When you can’t make eye contact, its very difficult to engage your audience, or to understand what they are saying – after all, body language forms 55% of communication. But this time, he impressed everyone with his ability to engage with the crowd.

The other highlight of the play was the humour quotient. We usually laugh a lot in Staged Encounters and 9Tanki both… the teams were enthusiastic, VERY split second humour that kept ur ROTFL – literally! And Team 1 was so funny that they had to disrupt their own performance to laugh!! Another first.

Did we have a lovely day? YOU BET!

See pictures here.

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