The most hilarious dialogues from Staged Encounters/ 9Tanki

For a while now, i have been amazed at the level of humour that comes in all the impromptu plays that are put up. 9Tanki is a laugh riot in most sessions.

So, finally, i have decided to place on record, the most hilarious dialogues i have heard in 9Tankis and Staged Encounters 🙂

At DBOI, Bangalore:
The play had 2 characters – father and daughter. Father was being generally difficult and the daughter was having a tough time taking care of things.
Finally, the daughter gives up and says, “When you are blind, i should go deaf!”

At SAP, MAy 2011:
The house had 3 characters – one wanted to see the TV and the other wanted the radio. So they decide to go into separate rooms and play these 2 things. The third character in the play: “Ye ghar itna bada nahi hai ki tumhare TV ko awaaz aur tumhare radio ki awaaz mil kar mujhe pagal na kar sakein!”

At IIT D, Oct 2011:
Husband comes home.
Wife” Pee par aaye ho?” (are you drunk?)
HUsband: Haan (yes)
Wife: Mere liye laaye ho? (Have you got some for me?)

IN one team, one of the members of the family is a dog. In Act I, the dog was unable to speak in human language. In the second act, the dog had to donate its eyes for a day. in Act II:
Man to dog ” Aaj khush to bahut hoge?” (you must be very happy today)
Dog: Kyun, aakh de kar kyun khush hoonga? (why wil i be happy if i m blind?)
Man: Kyunki aaj tum bol jo sakte ho! (bcs u can talk today!)

At SAP Labs, Sep 2011:
Mother: What time is it? Is it night already?
Son: There is no watch. Lets wait till we are sleepy. It will be night then. 🙂

At SAP, Oct 2011:
Son: Maa, bapu ke pair mein kulhari lag gayi (maa, pa’s foot is hurt)
Ma: koi baat nahi, ab to kal hi ilaaj hoga (no problem, we can only take him to a doc tomorrow now)
Dadaji: Koi vaidya ji to phone to lagao (someone pls call the doctor)
Grandson: Dadaji, aap pracheen kaal mein hain, is zamane mein phone ka avishkar nahi hua hai. (Grandpa, you are in an ancient setting. The phone has not been invented yet)

Father: Dekhein aaj ma ne kya banaya hai khaane mein? (lets see what your mom has packed for lunch today)
Son: Bapu, dikhay ito nahi deta, khayenge to pata chalega. (Father, we cant see what she has sent. We will only know once we taste)

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