mp3 player distribution at the amar colony blind school, lajpat nagar

this was a first.. this distribution had to be done after office hours… so i left office and drove to the blind school. the kind staff there waited for us to appear. the requirements had been taken the previous week, and we just had to distribute.. no surprises in the requirements – english, gk, history, science.. all good 🙂

the distribution itself took about an hour to cover 8 children. we explained the use of the mp3 player, checked whether the audio needed improvement – it did, in some places. checked if the children were intersted in what had been stored for them. they liked premchand but not so much the akbar birbal – maybe because these children were all in the 13-15 age group or thereabouts..

the suggestions for improvement were also constructive.

this distribution was very important because this was the first time that i was getting live feedback about the read fests conducted at The Sri Ram School, SOIL, SAP and a host of other places..

thank you , to everyone who did these recordings.. and had fun in the process 🙂

here are the pictures.. do check them out..

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2 Responses to mp3 player distribution at the amar colony blind school, lajpat nagar

  1. Ghata says:

    Hi Esha,
    This is really a great initiative. I came across your blog as I was searching about this blond school. It;s my birthday in 2 days and I wanted to spend soe time with these kids and probably give them something meaningful too. Could you give me some pointers on who I can contact, who can help me with my queries? You can mail me here:

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