the esha summer project is back!

Last year, a lot of you good people sat and recorded at home on hot, humid summer days. Those

recordings are now here –

This year again, the Esha Summer Project is being run. This summer, make a difference to someone. Read for a visually challenged person.

The specific content that we need this year is:

1. Learn English from Indian languages – please pick up small stories and read one line in the

Indian language, and then the same line in English. This helps our children pick up behavioral

English from their vernacular.

2. Wiki in Indian languages – We have hindi. Please read out Wikipedia or other articles in Indian


3. Educational notes: We cannot convert books till the new Copyright Act is passed. In the interim,

please do convert your notes into audio.

How can you help?

1. Record. This is a detailed tutorial on how to record.

2. Spread the Word.

Thank you!

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