The Power of One


The Power of One!

When was the last time, you spent a rupee and bought yourself a great first impression? When was the last time, you spent a rupee and made a difference in someone’s life? Esha’s The Power of One helps you do just that. Get your calling cards braille-enabled through us. For each card, you pay just one rupee, and this rupee does not even get routed through Esha. It goes directly to the blind person. Cards with your name in Braille not only look exquisite but also make a great impression on the person receiving your card. The few embossed dots on your card make you be seen as a person sensitive toward the blind and a person worthy of doing business with. In addition to this, if a blind person happens to receive your card, imagine his delight at being able to make sense of it, as opposed to a card with printed words only. You would  like to know the prices of product offerings around the world.  Upto GBP 150 per set of 100 cards or upto USD 77 per set of 100 cards!! In India, we do it for under USD10! – Printing included! But its not just about the price, its also about the fact that we are the ONLY Ones known to use Braille enabling as an employment option FOR THE BLIND! Think About That. 


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  1. sophie... says:

    My cards are quite plain but I will have these done in Braille in

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