What We Do

Braille Enabled Communication Material

We work towards making Braille enabled stationery and communication material a reality. We also do books in Braille and audio for the blind people who need them. And we do a few other things. Read on to find out.  

We teach the Blind how to create Braille visiting cards – quickly and effectively.

 We solicit orders for Braille cards. Making your cards Braille enabled costs very little – only INR 1 per card. That means you get 100 braille enabled cards for just Rs. 100!! – that is less than USD 3!!

Way, Way less than the price range of USD 77 for a similar service in the US!

We ensure that our beneficiaries are only the disabled children and that the money is going to them. We also ensure quality control on orders routed through us. 

We hold Theater workshops in schools, colonies and offices, wherever solicited. This has a 2-way advantage: We are all more grateful for our own wholeness, and a little more prepared to meet people who are disabled.

 We get Braille books directly for the blind child. We are not into sourcing Braille books for schools and institutions. For the Braille books ordered directly by the blind person, we do it in Braille/ Audio, as desired, and the child / sponsor just has to pay for the paper/audio tapes.  


One Response to What We Do

  1. anjina says:

    i am mother of a child who is 8 years old and is visually handi cap . need books and othe material for him . can you please help me in this thanks nd regards’


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