About Us

Esha is a bunch of volunteers who are together because they believe in the same thing – That being blind does not have to mean being unemployed.  

Founded in January 2005 by Nidhi Kaila – an IIM Calcutta alumnus, Esha is a non-profit initiative working towards making the blind self-reliant. It is now a self sustaining bunch of volunteers who join for the love of the work, and because they believe in the mission of self sustenance for the blind.  About Esha

Through innovative ways and means that work towards generating a sustainable source of livelihood for the blind and something substantial in return for the non-blind. Through this dual-pronged approach, Esha looks at tapping the conscience of the corporate world in the country by urging them to make their communication  inclusive and their staff sensitive towards the blind. It is by far the simplest and the most effective means to execute Corporate Social Responsibility.


5 Responses to About Us

  1. sophie... says:

    I have learned sign language and
    would love to learn to read

  2. Esha says:

    Sophie: We have 2 things to do now when you get here.. you teach me portraits, and I teach you braille! 🙂

  3. isha says:

    have you heard of that guy in america somewhere in texas.. he’s blind and makes the most amazing paintings ever!!

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  5. Madhan Gopal says:


    I want my business cards to be inclusive in nature. Can you help me get Braile business cards for me.

    Thanks and Best Regards


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