How does it feel to have Braille on your cards? What did the others think?

Being access consultants, the decision to get our visiting cards Braille enabled was natural; however the challenge was to make sure that the card retains its visual appeal while being embossed with Braille, a constraint we felt with most Braille printers. After frantically looking for options on the internet, I came upon the link to “Esha – the Braille place”and found out about the Braille printing service it had to offer. On contacting Nidhi at Esha, I was directed to Chandrashekhar or Chandru as he is fondly called. Chandru who is visually impaired, and an expert with Braille offered to print my visiting cards and since I was traveling to Bangalore (where he lives) I decided to meet him before I gave him a small quantity of 600 to start with. Besides being the most humble person, I found him to be a true professional when it came to his job. He not only made all the effort to visit me and understand how I really wanted them to be printed, but also showed me some samples that made me more confident about his work. He effortlessly printed each one of them by hand using a Braille typewriter and delivered them before the promised time, and it may sound clichéd but the cards came out classier than ever.

The story so far is that I have got all visiting cards for my organization printed in Braille, and every time I pass on my card to someone it not only acts as an ice breaker, but also helps me spread a little awareness about how this small effort is making a huge difference to the lives of persons with visual impairment. My visiting cards have been able to convince a lot of people on the importance of Braille and more importantly helped me to connect better with a lot of people including visually impaired persons, who appreciate the visiting card that I hand them now, instead of the one that I used to carry earlier.

The way I see it, my cards were just a piece of silent stationery, but now after getting Braille on them, they do the talking. 

 Sachin Verma

Access Ability

“There is instant recognition and importance to an otherwise simple card as it communicates your human side.”    

     Maithreyi Venkatraman

Entrepreneur, Knowledge Advisor, and Esha’s first customer. She still gets her cards Braille enabled as a rule.   

“Braille Enabled cards started out for us because we really thought it was a superb idea. Over this period, the experience with Esha and with Braille cards has been consistently strengthened by the positive experience we have had – with both. We sincerely hope that more and more corporates in India are able to make use of this service because inclusive communication and inclusive spaces, really, should be elementary to any business.”       

Amit Gopal

Vice President

India Life  

I have been enamoured by how Braille looks on cards and now even by Chandru, who brailled my cards. When I met Chandru for the first time, he conducted himself with such ease that it was difficult to imagine he couldn’t see. His confidence and cheerfulness inspired me. And of course, his talent of seeing with hands. He felt my card for a moment and instantly pinpointed just the right spot where my name should appear in Braille. Needless to say, my cards look fantastic.”

    Rakesh Ram S 

     Senior Software Engineer,

    LSI Corporation.

The whole process from initial contact to receiving the cards was efficient. I feel very nice using such cards braille enabling is admirable work.You are doing a great job [but you already know that!]

– Kapil Marwaha



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